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If you have any food allergy or intolerance,

then please tell a member of team before ordering

or consuming any item of food from our menu.

Food preparation

Our food can come into contact with allergens as it is prepared in a kitchen where dishes containing gluten, nuts, dairy and other allergens are also present.

If you suffer from sensitive trace reactions for any food-related allergen, please be aware that we are unable to guarantee full suitability, and dining with us may not be suitable for you.

For certain dishes which are deep-fried, such as our Chips and Fries there is an increased risk of cross-contamination.


Our menu

Check allergens for pre-ordered food when you arrive.

At any time our suppliers may change an ingredient which changes the allergen

content of our dishes.

Please check and ask about allergen information every time you visit

- even if you have consumed a particular dish on a previous visit.

It is important to make your choices based on the current allergen content.


Vegetarians and Vegans

Our Vegetarian dishes are created using ingredients which have been confirmed suitable by our suppliers.

They are however stored & prepared in kitchens where meat & dairy are also handled and may have come into contact with meat-based ingredients.

If you would like further information on the preparation of these dishes please speak to a member of our team.

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